Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Engineering Solutions

Specialised solutions expertly engineered to your precise requirements
Bespoke aircraft maintenance rig custom made for Ryanair

Teal can undertake any speciality work you require.  It is more than likely that a solution will be found that meets your imagination and design / spec requirements.   Work is carried out with a full consultation and drawings made up for you and the structural / installation work carried out efficiently. 

Teal are experts at finding solutions to what may seem is an impossible project.

Teal can undertake any size of project, large or small that proves too technically or physically difficult for other companies.

Balcony complete with toughened glass balustrade
Bespoke spiral staircase & balcony - galvanised & powder coated before erecting

Examples of bespoke work includes

  • Staircases including spiral
  • Gates
  • Balustrades
  • Training rigs

Bespoke Engineering Solutions Gallery

Examples of bespoke, custom made solutions for our clients, including aircraft maintenance rigs, stillage, staircases and fire escapes, balconies and trailers. See how we can create bespoke engineering solutions for domestic, industrial, agricultural, sporting and leisure applications.