Ordering a Trailer

How To Order A Trailer

If you know exactly which trailer or configuration you need please get in touch and we will be delighted to help you complete your order

Help To Choose Your Trailer

If you are less sure about what to order then these questions will help us establish what we can build or which trailer will best suit your suits - whether is it is a standard or custom build for you.
1What is the maximum number of boats you want to carry?
1) Trailers come in two categories :-
a) Light weight (550ub & 600b kg) Up To 6 Canadian / Sit on tops or 12 Kayaks
b) Heavy weight (750ub & 800b Kg) Over 6 Canadian / Sit on top or 12 Kayaks
2Do you need brakes on your trailer?
2) Braked or Un braked:- (max un-braked allowed is 750 kg)
Consider these points -
a) weight of towing vehicle,
b) conditions the trailer is being used i.e. hilly, uneven ground
c) health & safety
3What type of boat/s will you be carrying?
3) Length of trailer
a) Short trailer- small boats, play boats, sit on tops,
b) Medium trailer- Sea Kayaks, Canadian Canoes,
c) Long trailer- double Kayaks, long Canadian.
4How do you want to carry the boats (in what configuration?) -a). Number of decks, b). masts and c). weight options
4) Carrying configuration Options to consider are:
Number of decks needed with a Single mast, multiples of boats held together on each deck, or a double mast each boat held separately.

Light weight options:
a) Single mast, 2 Canadian-4 Kayak, 4 Canadian-8 Kayak, 6 Canadian-12 Kayak,
b) Double mast, 8 Kayak or 4 Kayak & 2 Canadian, 12 Kayak or 6 Kayak & 3 Canadian

Heavy weight options:
a) Single mast, 6 Canadian-12 Kayak, 6 Canadian-18 Kayak, 8 Canadian-24 Kayak,
b) double mast, 12 Kayak or 6 Kayak & 3 Canadian, 16 Kayak or 8 Kayak & 4 Canadian