Launch Trollies

Launch Trollies

Available Options
Single Wheel / Single Wheel with Jockey Wheel
Double Wheel / Double Wheel with Jockey Wheel


Double wheel and jockey wheel increase mobility especially on soft ground and allow one person to manoeuvre the trolley.

Chassis made from circular hollow section, hot dipped galvanised after fabrication.

The overall dimensions do not change as the second wheel is mounted inside the single wheel position.

All trollies will fit inside a St Ayles skiff for transporting.

Skiff Launch Trolley Specification / Dimensions

  • Beam axle, no supination
  • Plain Bearings
  • Length 3500mm
  • Width 1355mm
  • Weight 55kg (double wheel + jockey wheel)

Skiff Skate

Skiff Skate is a small compact set of wheels capable of getting a skiff into and out of the water with out the need of a larger launch trolley.

The skiff skate can be carried in the boat, on a trip or around the headland to another club, arriving with the means of getting the skiff out of the water with ease. If the tide is on the ebb you can also get it back to the water with ease.