Kari-Tek Teal Trailers

The highest quality & reliability available in small - medium size craft trailers

Teal have been providing the highest quality & reliability available in small - medium size craft trailers for many years. Whether for single, individual use or multiple craft for centre and club use Teal can provide a standard build or custom build trailer to suit your exact needs.

Renowned for sea kayak and canoe trailers throughout the UK with coaches, MoD, Outward Bound, National Centres and Local Authorities.

Teal also offers trailer builds to carry microlights, sailing dinghies, rowing skiffs and other such craft.

Bute multi purpose trailer
Keel boat trailer ready for the road

Teal trailers bespoke service can also offer trailers built to carry boats (heavy keel) to to 3 tonne.

Whatever your trailer requirements and if you have a logistical problem getting your craft to the water Kari-Tek Products and Teal will probably have the answer.

A Little Bit of Teal History!

The names of the Teal trailers and how they came about!

When Teal first started making kayak trailers there were originally 4 trailer types:

  • The Sanda 300 Kg GTW
  • The Cumbrae / Grife 500 Kg GTW
  • The Bute / Doon 600 Kg GTW
  • The Arran / Nith 800 Kg GTW

The Sanda, Cumbrae, Bute and Arran are all Islands in the firth of Clyde and are designed to carry longer Sea kayaks or canoes, the larger the Island the greater the caring capacity of the trailer.

Likewise Grife, Doon and Nith are all rivers in South West Scotland and are designed to carry short river boats and SOTs. The longer the river the greater the carrying capacity of the trailer. However as time moved on these names changed a little...

Kari-Tek Trailers Gallery

Examples of our standard build and bespoke trailers