Kari-Tek Shedler

The Teal Shedler

The Teal Shedler has been designed as a cost-effective way of storing boats safely & securely.

An excellent option if you need a St. Ayles Skiff Storage Solution!


What is a Shedler?

"The Shedler is not a shed - it’s a trailer, it’s not a trailer it’s a shed"

Although the Shedler has wheels and has all the components of a trailer it is not a road legal trailer and as such cannot be towed on the highway. It can be moved about in a marina, boatyard or a carpark etc.

The fact that it has wheels and is not permanent is advantageous. This actually means you don’t need planning permission to park it, all you need is the land-owner’s permission.

The Shedler has be especially designed for the St. Ayles Skiff to keep it safe and out of the weather, the back door is a ramp to help with stowing the skiff. There are guide ramps on the floor to keep the skiff in middle of the Shedler. The cover is a heavy-duty PVC fabric, held in place with shock cord, this will always keep the cover taught.

The Shedler can be used or adapted to store and move* as this any type of water craft where storage facilities are either limited or not available.
(*not on the road or public highway as the Shedler is not a road legal trailer)


Each Shedler comes complete with:

  • Structural RHS steel frame, galvanised after fabrication

  • Dimensions; Body 7 metre long x 1.85 metre wide x 2 metre high, with internal floor height 275mm when the Shedler is sitting level

  • Wheels & tyres 10” unbraked with suspension.

  • 4 Prop stands to keep the Shedler stable during loading and unloading

  • Heavy duty PVC cover