Roof Rack Maintenance

Easy Load Roof Rack

A maintenance routine for your Roof Rack system

Tools needed:

  • 13mm (x2) & 10mm spanners
  • 5mm Allen key & extender bar (or a spanner works well too)
  • Lubricant or grease (chain spray is ideal)
  • A rag

If you keep the cradles on the vehicle roof, drop them down


Using the Allen key & extender to check the cradle screws are secure.

You can use the ring end of one of the spanners


We recommend threading the loading strap from the bottom (long side) to the top. Keeping the buckle end close to the cradle.

Plastic has a memory, keeping the straps tight helps to reform the older style cradles and can ease loading


Check the nuts on the end on the “U” bolts which hold both the handles are good and tight.

Remember to do both handles or 3 if you have the extended handles on a high roof.


Loosen each lower bolt on the ‘Roller Head’.

Leave the higher bolt - make sure it is very tight .

Lubricate / grease both sides and the roller head and wheel to encourage smooth running.


Roller Head

  • The ‘Roller Head’ is the triangular end section of your system

Next step is to grease the brass rollers in the ‘Roller Head’.

At the top of the Roller Head inside the aluminium slider casing the ‘Main Spar’.

There are 2 brass rollers in each Main Spar.


When tightening the Roller Head bolts they need to be good and tight.

If loose the rack could become dislodged.


Make sure the bolts that hold the locking pins are tight but do not over-tighten.

It is possible to over-tighten which can make the rack stick a little.


It is worthwhile to give all nuts and bolts a grease.

If leaving the rack on your vehicle replace. Always give the bar a tug to ensure the locking pins are in the correctly positioned!

If taking the rack off you can store it until you need it.


Check rack and load are  secure before driving off