Order Kari-Tek Roof Racks

How To Order a Roof Rack System



Easy to load single or multiple sea kayaks, white water kayaks, surf skis, canoes, small rowing boats, the list is as endless as your imagination, sport or recreational activity.

When ordering a roof system it is important that you understand how it works. If you chose to have it fitted at the Teal Workshop there will be specialist help and guidance if required.

If choosing to self fit there is plenty of information in the TECHNICAL section of this website. Teal is only ever a phone call or email away (subject to opening times and availability). Instructions are also included in your kit.



Congratulations! Excellent choice.


Roof Rack Check List

  1. Equipment
    What craft / equipment do you want to carry on the roof of your vehicle?
  2. Quantity
    How many craft or pieces of equipment would you like to carry?
  3. Dimensions
    What is approximate dimension and weight of each craft or piece of equipment?
  4. Vehicle
    What kind of vehicle do you have?
    (eg. car, MPV, SUV, standard size eg van up to 2m high)
    (vehicles over 2.2m will requite a Hi-Lift Roof Rack)
  5. Vehicle Roof
    What is on the roof of your vehicle?
    e.g., if it is a car does have load bearing (not cosmetic) roof rails or cross bars?
    e.g., if it is a van does it have a roof rail?
  6. Photo
    Do you a photo of the roof of your vehicle to upload? Upload here (optional - 6MB max)
  7. Congratulations! It looks like you have all the information Teal needs to supply your new ELRR or Hi-Lift

Your Details


Help with your order

If you have struggled with the answers and outcomes to any of the above information request questions please contact Teal directly for assistance, who will be delighted to help you find the answer. Email us at karitekorders@teal-es.co.uk, contact us online or call the number below.