Easy Load or Hi-Lift Roof Rack?

Do I need an ELRR or a Hi-Lift?

More information to help you choose the correct roof rack for you

Geoff Turner, MD at Teal Engineering Services is a specialist in designing new and innovative solutions for kayak, canoe & small craft transporting.

Teal is world renowned for the Kari-Tek Products brand, tough build top quality roof rack systems for carrying all manner of small craft for most all water sports and biking. From as small as a surf board or as large as a small row boat or Hobie craft. Teal is most well known as manufacturer of the most prestigious roof rack system for sea kayaks and canoes.

All manner of water and small craft can be carried on special cradles to ensure the safety and long term longevity of surf skis, SUP. Teal is proud to provide the same carrying solution to the building trade for ladders, building materials, scaffolding etc.

Whatever your vehicle, large or small, standard height or high roof van or mini bus, whatever you want to carry and manage loading and unloading with ease of handling.

Whatever your requirements a solution will be found to enable you to carry what you need to carry- subject to your vehicle size and load carrying capabilities.

High Lift Roof Rack System for Kayaks

One solution often sought is by people who perhaps struggle loading their equipment onto the roof alone. The Kari-tek roof system can be tailor made to assist the loading of the equipment ensuring no steps or ladders are required.

The team at Teal will be delighted to help and support you in the ordering process or if making an enquiry. Ensure you advise them know about any concerns you have or consider you may have when loading. If the solution hasn’t already been found Geoff Turner, inventor, will certainly construct something that works for you.

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