Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Racks (ELRR) and Hi-Lift Roof Racks

Carrying & Transport solutions for commercial & leisure

Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Rack with J Cradles

Why choose a Kari-Tek Products roof system?

Built to last a lifetime*, Easy Load and Hi-Lift Roof Rack systems are specifically designed and constructed to stand the test of time. Whatever your needs; roof racks can carry all manner of small water craft, biking, aircraft (para-gliders etc) as well as being a number one choice for the construction and building trades.

Teal Engineering Services prides itself on its Kari-Tek Products brand, its excellent customer service and after care.

Teal is dedicated to you, the customer and will be there to help you find the best solution for you. Whether it is an “off the shelf” purchase or a bespoke and custom system Teal will build an Easy Load or Hi-Lift Roof Rack that provides the best solution for you and your equipment transportation needs.

High Lift Roof Rack System for Kayaks

Throughout numerous countries of the world under the brand of Kari-Tek Products, Teal Engineering Services Ltd is perhaps best known as the manufacturer of the prestigious roof rack system for carrying sea kayaks and canoes.

Whatever your vehicle, large or small, standard height or high roof van or mini bus, whatever you want to carry the team at Kari-Tek Products will build a new system perfectly suited for you and your vehicle** so you will be able to manage the loading and unloading onto your vehicle roof with comparative ease.

Easy to load single or multiple sea kayaks, white water kayaks, surf skis, canoes, small rowing boats. The variety of activity and commercial equipment a vehicle can be set up to carry on its roof is as endless as your imagination, sport, recreational activity or trade

Roof Rack Systems

What are the benefits of a Kari-Tek Products system?

Ease of loading large or awkward equipment

  1. Load

    Load at van or car side - no more struggling to reach your roof
    Secure equipment with easy–to–use straps or bungies
    Check payload is secure – it’s mostly all at eye level

  2. Raise

    Raise rack and slide into place – it’s a quick, easy and safe manoeuvre
    Insert locking pins for journey.

  3. Drive Off

    Confident that your equipment is secure
    Knowing that it will be just as easy to unload at other end

Safe For You

  • Be Safe

    Load in safety at ground level
    Protect yourself from risk of slips or falls

  • Avoid injury

    Protect your back, shoulders, wrists
    Avoiding injuries!

Safe For Your Kayak

  • Cradles

    Ensure maximum safety for your valuable equipment
    The tough yet flexible material bends to your kayak
    The high density foam protects it
    Correct use fo straps or bungee keep it secure

Do I need an ELRR or a Hi-Lift?

If your vehicle is over 2.2 metre high it is likely you will need a Hi-Lift Roof Rack

This doesn’t affect ordering and you can continue with information provided here for ELRR.

Kari-Tek Roof Racks Gallery

Examples of our ELRR and Hi-Lift Roof Racks in action


* Subject to regular maintenance and care by the user / owner. Details can be found under the Maintenance section & FAQ

** Subject to vehicle being suitable and able to have roof bars fitted to it. There are not many but some vehicles do fall within this category. It might be possible in this case that a small trailer eg Sanda is a suitable alternative, subject to being compatible and having a tow bar*** fitted.

*** Please note that Teal does not fit tow bars.